The Trainor Law Firm, PC

Notable Representation

  • Represented a CFO of a publicly traded company whom the SEC investigated and charged with committing securities fraud;
  • Represented a defendant who orchestrated and operated, for many years, a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme;
  • Represented a company the U.S. Attorney’s Office investigated and prosecuted for money
    laundering-related offenses;
  • Represented a business owner accused of breaching a non-compete agreement;
  • Represented an individual the District Attorney’s Office was investigating in connection with a large-scale judicial corruption case;
  • Assisted an equity fund in connection with its acquiring a large public company and drafted a
    portion of an extensive “Due Diligence” report;
  • Represented a defendant in a massive shareholders class action lawsuit;
  • Represented a nonparty in a litigious sexual discrimination case that had criminal implications as well;
  • Negotiated an employee’s severance package after he was laid-off from a large company;
  • Prosecuted at trial a New York City Board of Education teacher assigned to the “Rubber Room” for
    damaging another Rubber Room teacher’s vehicle; and
  • Current notable matters include Mr. Trainor’s representation of in connection with the federal government’s seizure of its website, and an employee in an age discrimination suit against a well-know hotel enterprise with a history of discriminatory conduct toward its employees.

Mr. Trainor has a unique set of skills and experience that position him
for success in your case


    Attorneys understand that a federal judge clerkship is a highly sought-after position. Mr. Trainor has used this experience to inform his work on behalf of those accused of crimes or harmed by police brutality and misconduct. The federal clerkship gave Mr. Trainor a keen understanding of how to build a winning case in federal court. He understands court procedures inside out and knows what types of arguments and evidence are persuasive.


    Mr. Trainor prosecuted hundreds of cases against people accused of crimes ranging from assault to identity theft to shoplifting to drug dealing. His criminal defense clients benefit from the insider’s perspective he gained in this position.

  • Federal and State Investigations

    Mr. Trainor spent three years focusing exclusively on defense of sophisticated white collar crimes, from public corruption to securities fraud. White collar criminal cases are highly complex and technically challenging. All of Mr. Trainor’s clients benefit from the depth of knowledge he has in financial crimes, investigation, and the use of experts in case development.

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